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Plenary Session

Gregg Bartlett

CTO, GlobalFoundries

Ned Curic

CTO, Stellantis

Pat Gelsinger

CEO, Intel

David Andre

Chief Science Officer, Google X

Mukesh Khare

GM IBM Semiconductors & VP Hybrid Cloud Research, IBM

Hisashi Kanazashi

Director IT Div., METI

Tetsuro Higashi

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rapidus Corp

Frédéric Godemel

EVP & Power Systems and Services, Schneider Electric

Agnieszka Thonet

Distinguished Technologist, HP Technology Strategy

Pierre Barnabé

CEO, Soitec

Tim Archer

CEO, Lam Research

Serge Nicoleau

TDP General Manager – Group VP Technology, STMicroelectronics

Sébastien Dauvé


Michael Tchagaspanian

EVP Strategic Partnerships, CEA-Leti

Sustainable Electronics

Léa Di Cioccio

Eco-Innovation Program Manager, CEA-Leti

Laurent Pain

Sustainable Electronics Program Director, CEA-Leti

Jérôme Daviot

R&D and Application Director, Deputy General manager, Technic

Slava Libman

CEO, FTD Solutions INC

Isabelle Servin

Sustainability Advisor and Eco-Design Engineer, CEA-Leti

Joao Carlos Lopes Barbosa

Ph.D. Student, CEA-Leti

Yannick Rivoira

Sustainability engineer, CEA-Leti

Sandrine Catrou

Marketing Chief Advisor, CEA-Leti

Etienne Lees-Perasso

LCA & Ecodesign Consultant, TIDE

Valentin Landmann

Head of Ecosystems Development, STMicroelectronics

Patrick Blouet

Sustainability Advisor

Laura Vauche

Sustainability Advisor & Ecodesign Engineer, CEA-Leti

Josua Guerid

Research Engineer – Eco-innovation & LCA, CEA-Leti

Léa Roulleau

Sustainability Engineer, CEA-Leti

Nicolas Leterrier

External partnerships leader, Schneider Electric

Rémi Bastien

CEO, NextMove

Nadia Wetzler

Sr. Director – Global Legal Services, Applied Materials

Yasumitsu Orii

Senior Managing Executive Officer, Rapidus Corporation

Chris Bailey

Vice President Emerging Technologies, Edwards

James Newton

VP Business Development, Altyor Group

Anders S.G. Andrae

Assistant Chief Expert of Environmental Protection Technology, Huawei

Vincent Semetey

Director of Research, CNRS & Head of the Chair, Chimie ParisTech - PSL

Martine Druges

ESH Director, STMicrolectronics

Quantum Computing

Jean-Charles Barbé

Quantum program scientific director, CEA-Leti

Corinne Legalland

Quantum Program Director, CEA-Leti

Silvano De Franceschi

Research Director and CEA Senior Fellow, CEA-IRIG

Maud Vinet

CEO, Siquance

Antoine Gras

Chief of Engineering, Alice&Bob

Sara Congia

Ph.D. Student, CEA-Leti

Luca Planat

CEO, Silent Waves

Fabrice Debbasch

In charge of Quantum France 2030 Action, ANR


Pierre Favier

System Engineer, Pasqal

Sébastien Boissier

Head of R&D Semiconductor Quantum Devices, Quandela

Ségolène Olivier

Quantum Photonics Program Manager, CEA-Leti

Frederic Barbaresco

Quantum Algorithms Segment Leader, THALES

Kenzo Bounegta

General Manager, Le Lab Quantique

Olivier Tonneau

Partner at Quantonation, investment fund dedicated to quantum technologies, Quantonation

Thimothée Silvestre

Technology Foresight—Open Innovation Center, CEA

Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity

Marion Andrillat

Cybersecurity Strategic Partnership Manager, CEA-Leti

Marie-Sophie Masselot

Partnership & European Affairs Manager, CEA-Leti

Jacques Fournier

Director of Cybersecurity Program, CEA-Leti

Bernard Barbier


Megan Samford

VP & Chief Product Security Officer, Schneider Electric

Pierre-Alain Moellic

Research Engineer, CEA-Leti

Fabien Clermidy

Head of Systems Division, CEA-Leti

Eric Saliba

Head of the Scientific and Technical Division, ANSSI

Simon Moore

Professor of Computer Engineering, University Cambridge

Ségolène Olivier

Quantum Photonics Program Manager, CEA-Leti

Vincent Cachard

Hardware Security Group Manager, CEA-Leti & Director, CEA-Leti ITSEF

Fabrice Isnard

Chief Operating Officier, FARE—RESEAU DEF

David Richetto

Executive Director, STMicroelectronics

Eric Mercier

Telecom Line Director, CEA-Leti

Serge Maginot

CEO, Tiempo Secure

Thierry Collette

Director, Information Science and Technology Group, Thales

Andreas Mitrakas

Head of Unit – Market, Certification & Standardisation, European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

Yacine Felk


Christophe Laurencin

Architecture, Security & Labs Director, STMicroelectronics

Fabrice Debbasch

In charge of Quantum France 2030 Action, ANR

Alexandre Aubry

Cybersecurity Innovation Pilot, Stellantis

Sébastien Dauvé


Memory for Edge Computing

Elisa Vianello

Edge IA program manager, CEA-Leti

François Andrieu

Head of Memory & Computing Laboratory, CEA-Leti

Johannes Müller

SMTS Global Technology & Development, GlobalFoundries

Sébastien Ricavy

Memory Architect, CEA-Leti

Stefan Müller

CTO, Ferroelectric Memory Corp. (FMC)

Hitoshi Saito

Sr. Dir. of Sales & Marketing Div. / Dir. of Energing Memory Dept., Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Limited

Ilan Sever

VP R&D, Weebit Nano

Andrea Redaelli

PCM Process Architecture Technical Director - Fellow at STMicroelectronics

Giuseppe Desoli

AI R&D Director & Company Fellow, STMicroelectronics

Masanori Tsukamoto

Senior Manager, Sony Semiconductor Solutions

Manuel Le Gallo

Staff Research Scientist, IBM

Emmanuel Hardy

Research Engineer in Edge AI, CEA-Leti

Raphael Frisch

CEO & Co-founder, HawAI.tech

Justine Barbot

Ph.D. Student, CEA-Leti

Théophile Dubreuil

Ph.D. Student, CEA-Leti

Photonics: Data & Sensing

Eléonore Hardy

Business Developer, CEA-Leti & Deputy-Director of IRT Nanoelec Photonic Sensors program

Yvain Thonnart

Senior Researcher, CEA-List

Thomas Van Vaerenbergh

Photonics Research Engineer , HPE

Benoit Charbonnier

Research engineer, CEA-Leti

Badhise Ben Bakir

Research Engineer, CEA-Leti

Hélène Lefebvre

General Manager, ECLYPIA

Laurent Duraffourg

CEO, ADMIR Analysis

Loïc Laplatine

Engineer-researcher, CEA-Leti

Frederic Boeuf

Technical Director Photonics Innovations, STMicroelectronics

Marc Duranton

Senior Fellow, CEA

RF & Telecommunications

Eric Mercier

Telecom Line Director, CEA-Leti

Fredrik Tillman

Research Manager, Ericsson AB

Hervé Boutry

Research Engineer—Device Integration, CEA-Leti

Jérôme Prouvée

RF Layout Eng. & Project Manager, CEA-Leti

Rafik Zayani

Senior Research Scientist, CEA-Leti

Jean Schwoerer

Research Operarion Manager—Networks and Infrastructure, Orange

Paul Vincent

Senior 5G System Architect, IRT Saint Exupery

Thomas Meyer

5G & IoT RFFE Business Line Manager, STMicroelectronics

Pierre Busson

Fellow, RF & mmW system architect, STMicorelectronics