James Newton

VP Business Development, Altyor Group


James’ pragmatic mindset, attuned to seeking out and applying new technologies where they bring their full potential and value, combined with his insatiable appetite for innovation means he has spent most of his professional life marketing cutting-edge solutions to large and small corporations in a wide array of industries.

From geographic information systems to AI-enabled IoT sensor development, his keenness to ever expand his scope of experience and tie together unrelated concepts to generate relevance and value in solving real-life issues has been blatant in his 25-year track record in developing and implementing solutions for companies such as Airbus, GrDF, Paprec, Société Générale, Suez, Total Energies and innumerable SMBs and start-ups.

As VP in charge of Business Development within Altyor Group, his focus is now on ensuring environmental transition through sustainable design, development, manufacturing and recycling of technological hardware in all fields where technology is relevant to improving our lives.