Jean Schwoerer

Research Operarion Manager—Networks and Infrastructure, Orange


Jean Schwoerer holds a PhD in electronics and communication systems from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Rennes (France) since 2006. Subsequently, his research work focused on the connectivity of the Internet of Things and cellular networks. He was also strongly involved in standardization for the Orange group for which he was delegated to ETSI, IEEE802 and 3GPP RAN1&2 where he contributed to the standardization of 5G. He is now mainly involved in the preparation of 6G and was notably editor of the NGMN 6G requirements white paper.


Now that 5G mobile networks widely available, even if some advanced capabilities remains to be deployed, 6G is rising thematics in the R&D telecom ecosystem. As a consequence, this move toward 6G is fueling several fruitful research areas aiming at developing main potential 6G technological enablers. But the move toward 6G also introduced the question of having a useful 6G, able to provide meaningful benefits, value, and more globally fulfill expectation from our society. In this presentation, we will explain how a sustainable 6G could be thought, from the start, with the society to make sure that this future technology will be fitted for our real needs in 2030 and above. 6G design will have to consider on the same basis performance targets and societal stakes. As a consequence the 6G technical challenge is more complex than for previous generations, but essential, and some key research area are already promising.

03:00 p.m. - 03:30 p.m.

Thursday RF & Telecommunications PM

Research Operation Manager - Networks and Infrastructure, Orange

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