Joao Carlos Lopes Barbosa

Ph.D. Student, CEA-Leti


I hold a master degree in sustainable industrial engineering (Grenoble-INP) and am a PhD student at CEA-Leti since Decmbre 2021. In my previous experiences, I conducted a comparative study of life cycle analyses of high quality papers produced with different types of fibers. My thesis at CEA-Leti aims to develop a tool to anticipate the environmental impacts of large-scale semiconductor products on the industry during the development phases using data collected in the research environment.


Semiconductor production requires strict control of the production environment to ensure product quality. The cleanroom must maintain a very low level of airborne particles, controlled temperature and humidity, and a slight overpressure. Large amounts of ressources such as water and electricity are required to maintain these conditions. Therefore, a significant portion of the environmental impacts in the semiconductor industry are due to the stringent requirements of cleanrooms.

A life cycle assessment war performed in the CEA-Leti clean room to evaluate th environmental impacts resulting from the requirements of semiconductor production. The results allow to identify the most important sources of impact and to stimulate a critical analysis of improvement points.

10:15 a.m. - 10:20 a.m.

Thursday Sustainable Electronics AM

Ph.D. Student, CEA-Leti

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