Rémi Bastien

CEO, NextMove


Remi BASTIEN received his Engineer Diploma from ECAM in 1980. He joined RENAULT group in 1982, and after different responsibilities, he was Vice President for Research and Innovation for RENAULT Group (2009-15), before becoming Global Director for Autonomous Driving Prospective at the Renault/Nissan Alliance (2015-16) and finally Vice President, Automobile Prospective for RENAULT Group till 2021. He is honorary chairman of NEXT MOVE (French cluster dedicated to mobility), CTO of FISITA and member of the Shift Project (think tank for sustainable economy). He was member of the EUCAR council (former chairman in 2012) and Chairman of VEDECOM (French cooperative research institute) from 2017 to 2020, and Director of the program “Power Electronics” for French Automotive Industry and French Electronic Industry from 2020 to end of 2021. He is the co-author with Luc JULIA of the book “On va droit dans le mur?”.


Electronics plays a growing role in the automobile, for supporting electrification, safe driving or confort.
this ues will be crucial for moving towards carbon neutrality. On the other hand, the growing size of the software (embedded and off board) requires more powerful chips and increase the energy needs, and therfore higher CO2 consequences. In addition, these components will use some rare raw materials and to have a sustainable industry, it is mandatory to move to circular economy. All of these factors will lead to new designs called ecodesign were the way to optimize the systems must consider the full life cycle, and especially the way to disassemble the different ECUs and to get back the rare materials for recycling them in future systems.