Serge Nicoleau

TDP General Manager – Group VP Technology, STMicroelectronics


Serge Nicoleau is General Manager of Technology & Design Platforms for the digital products of STMicroelectronics since 2020. His organization is covering digital technologies, fast analog technologies, memories and optical sensors, with teams in France, in India, in United States and in Taïwan. He started his career in STMicroelectronics in 1998 in manufacturing management of the 200mm Crolles fab, nearby Grenoble. After various positions in manufacturing, process engineering, equipment engineering, he joined in 2004 the Crolles 300mm fab within the Crolles2 Alliance between STMicroelectronics, Motorola/Freescale and Philips/NXP. In 2007, he became Director of Industrial Technologies, before enlarging his responsibilities in 2012 as Deputy Director of the Operations of both Crolles 200 and 300 fabs.
This role included a specific responsibility for the industrial challenges of Automotive and IoT products in technologies ranging from 0.5μm down to 28nm critical dimensions with their multiple variants and options. In 2018, Serge Nicoleau is engaged into the new STMicroelectronics 300mm fab program in Agrate (Italy) to support Smart Power, Analog Mixed Signal and eNVM products.
Serge Nicoleau holds an Engineering Degree of the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), a Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Lyon) and a PhD in Particle Physics.



Smart mobility, energy efficiency, IoT proliferation and higher connectivity are transforming our societies on a long term.Those megatrends are calling for more digitalization and de-carbonation of the economy. Here we will illustrate some innovative solutions we are offering to our customers. Also being an Integrated Device Manufacturer, we are deploying proactive programs to sustain a continuous reduction of our environmental footprint.

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TDP General Manager – Group VP Technology, STMicroelectronics

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