Michael Tchagaspanian

EVP Strategic Partnerships, CEA-Leti
Michael Tchagaspanian is now EVP Sales & Marketing at CEA-Leti since 2017. During his last 12 years at CEA-Leti, he launched collaborative programs with industrial partners in the field of smart sensing and imaging , embedded systems and integrated circuits. He manages several strategic developments with US Silicon Valley. Previously, he held the position of Business Development Manager for the Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems Division, where he was previously head of  the Image Sensor Design Laboratory, dedicated to intelligent integrated circuits for imaging applications and display. Advanced algorithms have been created and integrated into the circuit architecture for several applications (defense and security, smart home and building, medical). Prior to CEA, during the previous 11 years in the semiconductor industry, as ASIC design manager for ST Microelectronics and On Semiconductor, he built on-chip integrated circuits for radio frequency and management applications Energy. He has led strategic projects for automotive and mobile phone applications.

Program Photonics

EVP Strategic Partnership, CEA-Leti

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