Frédéric Godemel

EVP & Power Systems and Services, Schneider Electric


Frederic Godemel joined Schneider Electric in 1990. Since then, his career has developed mostly around the power business in both low and medium voltage. Frederic has held operational functions in France, China and more recently in Dubai, he is now back in France. He was appointed Executive VP for Global Field Services back in 2018, EVP for Power Systems in January 2019 and more recently in July 2020 Executive VP for Power Systems and Services. Frederic is participating in speaking and panel opportunities on behalf of Schneider Electric, the most recent were TAQA in Abu Dhabi, TSIA in Orlando, CERA Week Houston and Reuters London. Frederic graduated from the Ecole Centrale Nantes in electrical engineering and holds an MBA from ESSEC Business School.


A more electric and digital world, which we call Electricity 4.0, is key to addressing the climate and energy crises and unocking a sustainable and resilient future. Electricity is the most efficient energy and the best vector of decarbonization, and with digital innovation it unleashes huge potential to eliminate energy waste. Only by disrupting the way we manage energy can we deliver a net zero carbon world.

The semiconductor industry also has the responsibility to transform its energy use for a net-zero future. The good news is that semiconductor companies have made many commitments to decarbonize their operations, especially their fabs. But how are they delivering on their green promises?

Join this inspiring talk from energy and automation leader Schneider Electric to explore the value of digital energy technology and meaningful partnerships that help ensure a bright and sustainable future for semiconductor companies.

11:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

Thursday Plenary Session AM

EVP & Power Systems and Services, Schneider Electric

The Modern Perspective on Energy Use by the Semiconductor Industry: How Digitalization Changes the Game... more info