Kenzo Bounegta

General Manager, Le Lab Quantique


After studying at HEC Paris and École Polytechnique, Kenzo Bounegta worked at the Quantonation venture capital fund before becoming General Manager of Le Lab Quantique. Le Lab Quantique is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote quantum technologies in France and internationally. It currently has over 50 member organizations. In order to create synergies between public and academic actors, large groups and startups, Le Lab Quantique organizes events (workshops, hackathons, scientific and artistic exhibitions) bringing together all the actors of the ecosystem. It produces content to promote quantum technologies and help identify use cases, coordinates regional and national funding initiatives, and supports workforce development by connecting innovation and talent.

Le Lab Quantique also works with its partners to create Les Maisons du Quantique, a physical space for the development and federation of French quantum players.