Jérôme Daviot

R&D and Application Director, Deputy General manager, Technic


After participating and leading chemical design programs throughout various industrial ventures, ranging from a Ph.D. on hydroxylamine cleaning to Cu PCMP with EKC Technology, and further enriched by assignments at prominent European RTOs (LETi, IMEC), he transitioned to the role of R&D director for the Strip/Etch/Clean group at Technic. Over the past 14 years, his team's mandate has been to tackle, refine, and optimize innovative wet processes that could effectively address performance, sustainability, and HSE concerns. Utilizing Technic's growing reputation for addressing industrial issues and wet process changes with a holistic approach, in tandem with chip manufacturers' ESG initiatives, allow to accelerate evaluations and acceptance of innovative eco-designed blends. Recent initiatives such as the CLEAN consortium (LETI/STM/Technic) represent significant contributions to fostering a gradual shift in mindset and showing that designing wet processes in a more systemic eco-friendly way can also offer valuable cost of ownership in the long run.

09:35 a.m. - 09:45 a.m.

Thursday Sustainable Electronics AM

R&D and Apps Engineer Director—SEC Product Line, Technic

CLEAN, an industrial research consortium project for “moore” eco-designed processes... more info