Jérôme Daviot

R&D and Apps Engineer Director - SEC Product Line, Technic


Upon completing his Chemical Engineering Science degree at ENSCMu in France, he pursued his Ph.D. degree in physico-chemistry from the University of Strathclyde at Glasgow in Scotland. His research focused on designing organic inhibitors for metal corrosion in hydroxylamine-based Resist cleaners. Following his studies, he spent nine years at DuPont EKC Technology as a senior R&D Technology researcher, specializing in wet clean development and process support. During this time, he also worked on projects at IMEC in Belgium, developing the novel EKC's Post Cu-cleaning, and at LETI on supercritical CO2 cleaning. He then served as the Operation/Quality Control manager at a French CEA spinoff, promoting the concept of direct wet copper seed. In 2010, Philippe Vernin, TF General Manager, tasked him with founding the SEC (Strip Etch and Clean) R&D group in France. His primary responsibility was to develop and launch a comprehensive product portfolio capable of responding to European industry integration challenges and specificities of REACH regulations. With the support of a dedicated R&D team, long-term customer support, and strategic partnerships, Technic launched three product lines: TechniStrip(r), TechniEtch, and TechniClean. Today, these SEC products have gained industry acceptance and contributed to Technic's recognition within the industry.


To meet future Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies, it is necessary to incorporate a more systemic approach when designing new surface preparation solutions. This includes additional criteria such as Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) assessment, carbon footprint, consumption per square inch (chemistry, energy), waste valorisation and raw materials sustainability, in addition to performance and cost considerations. Technic is already taking steps to align the future product deisgn with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements considering to be an opportunity to foster innovation and differentiation by encouraging companies to find new sustainable and responsible solutions to meet the chip manufacturers requirments at the national, European, and global levels. To accelerate the validation of those eco-designed solutions, an industrial research consortium has been formed, including LETI and STM under the «  CLEAN » project, standing for  “Chimies Liquides Efficaces pour l’Amélioration des Nanotechnologies” translated into "Effective Liquid Chemistries for Nanotechnology Improvement”
The CLEAN project offers an opportunity to realize almost real-time industrrial research and experimental prototypes evaluation from the front-end of line (FEOL) to packaging in a representative environment. Through joined developpement, process performance monitoring, risk assessments, and life cycle analyses, the project aims to demonstrate the feasability to reduce the impact of the new surface preparation processes on health and environment compared to some legacy wet processes raising concerns of HSE, energy consumption, availibility… By adopting this more comprehensive approach, Technic & partners intends to meet the growing expectations of industrials and regulators while promoting sustainability and innovation in surface preparation technologies.

09:35 a.m. - 09:45 a.m.

Thursday Sustainable Electronics AM

R&D and Apps Engineer Director—SEC Product Line, Technic

CLEAN, an industrial research consortium project for “moore” eco-designed processes... more info