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Managers from startups, SMEs and international leaders will deliver 15-min pitches during lunch breaks.

Tuesday June 27

01:00 p.m.–02:00 p.m.

Driving innovation and sustainability in wet surface preparation
First sorting habits reward program in France
Autonomous IoT LoRa current sensor, non intrusive, no battery
Audio solutions for critical communications

Wednesday June 28

12:00 a.m.–02:00 p.m.

An innovative processor architecture for AI at the edge
Access program to European infrastructures for nanoelectronics
The augmented ear: an innovation for industry and many other applications

Maximize energy efficiency while
minimizing CO2 impact 

SiPearl is building the European low-power HPC
Discover why international companies choose Grenoble Alpes
Wireless and batteryless sensing
3D Free shape Printed OPV panels for self-powered IoT systems

Thursday June 29

12:00 a.m.–02:00 p.m.

3D sensing with highly compact Si photonics FMCW LiDARs
Weighing drops of welfare in a concentrate of technology
Chainless pedaling device for active, automotive grade mobility
Air Quality Solutions: smart gas sensors and stations
Design and fabrication of integrable vibration sensors
Prototyping & manufacturing of flexible printed electronics
Ultra miniaturized rechargeable micro batteries for medical devices
New algorithm for transistor-level, electrically accurate full chip analysis