David Andre

Chief Science Officer, Google X


Dave is a scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur whose work emphasizes the role of machine learning and AI, especially with respect to time-series data, search and optimization in program space, and decision making under uncertainty. He is Chief Science Officer at X and runs a team of mathematicians and machine learning experts working on early stage projects. He co-founded several companies, including Cerebellum Capital, which was an asset management company powered by an auto-ML system that discovered trading strategies. He also invested in and advised a number of startups in the data science and wearables space. He previously worked at Bodymedia, where he ran the machine learning team and several advanced development projects. Over the years, he’s helped start a number of other businesses. Personally, he’s a husband, father, snowboarder, passionate player of soccer and bridge, a puzzle nerd, a burner, and a travel-lover. He runs robot & programming clubs for his two kids to help them & friends get a deeper tech education. He got started down his path at Stanford University (1994: BS Symbolic Systems, BA Psychology) and completed his official education at UC Berkeley (2003: PhD EECS with a focus on Artificial Intelligence). He feels very lucky to have been interested in AI & ML well before it was cool.


The field of artificial intelligence is changing at a breakneck pace, revolutionizing many industries along the way, including software engineering and many elements of artistic creation. In addition to briefly introducing X (formerly Google X), this talk will discuss these trends and implications for hardware design, both in terms of how AI can fit into the design process as well as what changes could supercharge these coming applications.

02:35 p.m. - 02:50 p.m.

Thursday Plenary Session PM

Chief Science Officer, Google X

Trends in AI and implications for the future... more info