Fabrice Debbasch

In charge of Quantum France 2030 Action, ANR


Fabrice is Responsable d’action quantique France 2023 at the ANR since March 2023. He began his carrer at the ENS Saint-Cloud and became Maitre de Conference at Sorbonne University in 1990. He has spent one year at CEA DAM, four years at DGA/DS/MRIS and is associate reearcher at the think tank IRIS. His scientific research, which was originally focused on stochastic processes, has shifted to quantum simulation in 2011. He is the author of some 80 scientific publications.


The quantum revolution is on our doorsteps and its impact on cybersecurity, and cryptography in particular, will be unprecedented. Quantum technologies represent an opportunity of having new secure cryptographic functions whether for random number generators (QRNG – Quantum Random Number Generators) or for cryptographic key distributions (QKD – Quantum Key Distribution). Quantum technologies also represent a threat to existing cryptographic algorithms, threat upon which anticipation work is being done through the study and deployment of quantum resistant cryptography (PQC – Post Quantum Cryptography). The quantum field has been labelled of strategic importance for France and thus, with its ‘Quantum strategy’, the French Government has been supporting the research and industrial communities in this field since 2

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In charge of Quantum France 2030 Action, ANR

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