Hisashi Kanazashi

Director IT Div., METI


He entered to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1998. He was a visiting fellow at Stanford University and received his MBA from EDHEC Business School.
He has successively hold the positions at Industrial Revitalization Division, Economic and Industrial Policy Bereau and at Policy Planning and Coordination Division, Minister's Secretariat since 2009.
He also has experienced the positions of Director of Japan's Economic Revitalization Secretariat, Cabinet Sectetariat, as well as Deputy Commissioner of Los Angeles Office, Japan External Trade Organization, and Director of Industry Creation Policy Division, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, etc., since 2014. He has been on his current position since July 2022.


The environment surrounding the digital industry, digital infrastructure and the semiconductors they are based on is facing significant changes. These include the advance of digitalization due to COVID-19 responses, the moves toward carbon neutrality by 2050, tight supply/demand conditions of semiconductors worldwide, trade issues surrounding cutting-edge semiconductors and digital technologies, and economic security.
In this presentation, the strategy of Japan's semiconductor industry recognizing these changes, including enhancement of basic semiconductor production capacity, technology development for beyond 2nm next generation semiconductor will be presented.

11:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Thursday Plenary Session AM

Director IT Div., METI

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