Marc Duranton

Senior Fellow, CEA


Dr. Marc Duranton is Senior Fellow of CEA and member of the Digital Systems and Integrated Circuits Division of  CEA, where he is involved in realizations (hardware accelerators and software tools) for Artificial Intelligence, for Cyber Physical Systems and for distributed systems from IoT to Cloud.

He previously spent more than 23 years in Philips where he led the development of the family of L-Neuro chips, digital processors using artificial neural networks. He also worked on several video coprocessors for the VLIW processor TriMedia and for various Nexperia platforms. In NXP Semiconductors, he was in charge of Ne-XVP project that targeted the design of the hardware and software of a multi-core processor for real-time applications and for consumer video processing.

His interests include Deep Learning, distributed and embedded Artificial Intelligence systems, emerging paradigms for computing systems, human AI-Interaction, low energy embedded systems, (Cognitive) Cyber Physical Systems, distributed and federated computing, parallel architectures for high performance and real-time processing, models of computation and communication with time guaranties.

He is in charge of the roadmap activities of the HiPEAC community (High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation), freely available at https://www.hipeac.net/vision/ and is also involved in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Electronics Components and Systems (ECS SRIA) and in the Strategic Research Agenda  of the European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC SRA).