Paul Vincent

Senior 5G System Architect, IRT Saint Exupery


Paul Vincent is senior Telecom consultant for Cogisys. He is graduated from ISEN-Lille (Engineer - 1990) and from Toulouse Business School (MBA Management Consulting - 2008). He contributed as system engineer to the success of 2G/GSM and 3G/W-CDMA mobile phone systems for Alcatel and Nortel. Since 2002, he has managed numerous R&D projects in the field of satellite and wireless telecommunications, in particular in Ku and Ka-band Satcom systems in the transport sector. In 2008, he founded a consulting company to advise startup, SME and R&D laboratories.


For the first time in the history of telecommunications, the standardization work carried out at 3GPP offers the opportunity to combine mobile terrestrial networks (5G and beyond) and satellite within a common normative framework. This combination opens the door for the development of new uses for satellite, especially with the rise of New Space, and to extend the connectivity of digital services to new users.

Today, there is a need is to develop a sustainable telecom solution integrating satellite and, subsequently, other air relays and mobile networks, to offer a resilient and ubiquitous universal communication service. IRT B<>Com, IRT Saint Exupéry and their partners position as the French reference pole for research on hybrid networks, combining a terrestrial and a non-terrestrial segment, in order to accelerate the mastery of new connectivity technologies supported by 5G/6G and communications satellite constellations. The challenge will be to provide to industrial players a common platform and associated services to develop and test the future connectivity applications.

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Senior 5G System Architect, IRT Saint Exupery

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