Eric Mercier

Telecom Line Director, CEA-Leti
Bio : 
Eric Mercier is the Deputy Head of the Wireless Unit and  the Telecom Line Director at CEA-Leti. He is active in the industrial partnership developments towards technology transfer. Graduated from ENSEEIH Toulouse, France, in 1991, and with a 1st experience in the Optical Test Equipment (1992 – 1998), his main focuses of interest have covered activities from Low-Power IoT transceiver solutions as Marketing & Application Manager for Atmel (1999 – 2006), and Laboratory Head Manager for CEA-Leti from 2006, to mmW developments since 2015 with a specific target towards challenging integration / power consumption goals. As a promoter of CEA-Leti RF/mmW research activities, he is committed to market & societal needs for next Telecom generation as well as understanding how forthcoming scientific developments can be valued to that end. He is also involved in the NEW-6G initiative proposed by CEA-Leti to gather a community on 6G micro-electronics developments that would be beneficial for next societal expectations.