Eléonore Hardy

Business Developer, CEA-Leti & Deputy-Director of IRT Nanoelec Photonic Sensors program

Eleonore Hardy joined CEA-Leti in 2018 as a business developer in silicon photonics.She holds a Master's degree in Engineering and followed a MS in Management & Innovation. Eleonore has been working in the optics and photonics industry since 2005 and previously worked for Philips in the Netherlands and for Varioptic (a BU of Corning) in China.

During her career, Eleonore has been successful in creating long-term value in lasers in France, China and India for Quantel (Lumibird), and spectrometers in Europe and Asia for Resolution Spectra Systems. Eleonore is dedicated to developing new business opportunities in silicon photonics, especially in communications, sensing and high-performance computing.