Frederic Barbaresco

Quantum Algorithms Segment Leader, THALES


F. Barbaresco is "Quantum Algorithms Segment Leader" in charge of coordination of THALES Quantum Algorithms R&T activity between Business Lines and TRTs (Thales Research & Technology), and of partnerships elaboration with deep-tech start-ups, academic labs and industries on quantum Algorithms & Computing.

F. Barbaresco coordinates BACQ project led by THALES from LNE MetriQs program on "Applications-oriented Benchmarkings of Quantum Computers". F. Barbaresco has organized in May 2023 a TERATEC TQCI (Teratec Quantum Computing Initiative) seminar with LNE on "Overview of upcoming application-oriented benchmarks for quantum computing in France and abroad" with more than 200 participants.

He has organized in 2023 the THALES International Quantum Hackathon jointly in FR, UK, GE, CAN & SG involving 58 participants in 10 teams working on 10 THALES use-cases with 9 QPU providers. He supervises THALES/EDF agreement on Quantum Algorithms for PDE solvers for Electromagnetic Simulation for THALES use-cases.

He has managed first benchmark of Quantum Algorithm for Radar Waveform Optimization QUBO problem on Quantum Annealer and its extension on NISQ with QAOA Algorithm. THALES representative at European QuIC (Quantum Industry Consortium) fon the state-of-the art. THALES representative at the AI Expert Group of ASD (AeroSpace and Defense Industries Association of Europe).

2014 Aymée Poirson Prize of the French Academy of Science for the application of science to industry. Ampère Medal, Emeritus Member of the SEE, and President of the SEE ISIC club "Information and Communication Systems Engineering". General Chair of the "Geometric Science of Information" international conference.

Graduated from CentraleSupelec French High-Engineering School in 1991.