Christophe Laurencin

Architecture, Security & Labs Director, STMicroelectronics


I started as digital designer on MPEG decoder, 8-bit and 32-bit secure microcontrollers.
After 8 years of digital design I moved to the customer support for secure microcontrollers, in this context I learnt a lot on security, chip hacking and cryptography.
I supported ST's customers in a context of hacking, this helps a lot to understand how hackers can be very efficient.
We always succeeded in strengthening our products and satisfying the customer in such exposed markets.
This was also an good opportunity to learn how to define product by understanding customer needs.

Following this experience I same back to a development job by leading a Security architecture team.

I'm now in charge of architecture teams for Secure Microcontrollers circuit and I also have the responsibility of Security lab being in charge to apply physical attack on product before launching the security certification phase.