Sandrine Catrou

Marketing Chief Advisor, CEA-Leti


Sandrine Catrou obtained an Electrical Engineering diploma from ENSERB and a Master Degree in Microelectronics from Bordeaux University in 1991. She has spent more than 20 years in the semiconductor industry and has worked for European Silicon Structures, ATMEL and STMicroelectronics. During her industrial career, she has taken many different management positions and acquired a dual expertise in technology and product development as well as business management. She has always been involved in the development of the most advanced systems to answer society needs (first GPS, first TV decoders, first mobile phones, smallest pacemaker in the world, rise of the quantum computing…) and this has given her a strong interest in deep-tech innovations. Thanks to her product marketing and business management positions, she developed a deep understanding of economical rules and new product adoption schemes. In 2011, she joined CEA Technology Transfer Office as Market Research Manager with global responsibility for CEA Electronics and Healthcare technology transfers. She has analyzed many market opportunities for emerging technologies and has been involved in the launch of a dozen CEA startups. In 2015, she joined CEA-Leti CTO office as Strategic Marketing Manager to work on the institute technology roadmaps and go-to-market strategy. While monitoring both technology and economic trends, Mrs Catrou is in daily contact with market research companies to detect early signals. In 2020, CEA-Leti launched a strategic program on sustainability which is now a topic fully integrated within CEA-Leti offer.


The digitalization of our world and the exponential growth of the so-called data sphere have always been on the spot as far energy consumption is concerned. So far, innovation at technology and system level has been able to master the growth of electricity consumption for ICT.
Will this still be true in the next 20 years ?
What do scientists prepare to cope with the increasing use of digital services ?
What is the real weight of innovation in electronics in front of the data deluge ?

02:30 p.m. - 02:50 p.m.

Thursday Sustainable Electronics PM

Marketing Chief Advisor, CEA-Leti

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