Chris Bailey

Vice President Emerging Technologies, Edwards


Chris Bailey has been Vice President, Emerging Technologies at Edwards since 2017 with responsibility for developing technologies that increase the sustainability of semiconductor manufacturing processes. Examples include developing alternative vacuum and abatement system architectures that reduce energy consumption and footprint and also technologies for recovering and recycling process materials from the waste stream.

Chris Bailey joined Edwards in 1990 and has developed many vacuum pumps and abatement systems for the whole range of semiconductor process applications. Examples include Edwards El-JV Zenith for the El-JV Lithography application and Edwards Regis that extends the life of the vacuum system for a range of challenging vacuum processes.


With the development of IC manufacturing and the scarcity of resources and energy, sustainability is the key capability for industry resilience. Edwards, the enabler of low carbon manufacturing, collaborates with the industry for IC scaling and green transformation through our environmental innovation from the most advanced El-JV to the widely installed pumps and abatement.

Edwards will share global trend on sustainability, how we make EUV, CVD & etching processes greener through reducing, reusing & recycling to lower GHG, carbon emission & energy consumption without compromising uptime & safety.

  • Global trend on Sustainability (net zero & SBTi) and government regulation (ex. US, Europe, Taiwan) Edwards' Innovation on green manufacturing — Lowering GHG & carbon emission
  • EUV: Methodology of electro membrane hydrogen purification with fab data (recovery rate, purity, energy required & process transparency. ex, saving 73% of the energy usage v.s. the current practice)
  • CVD: Lower NOX reduction
  • Etch: Noble Gas (Krypton and Xenon) recycling
  • The carbon footprint & cost (ex. carbon fee, carbon credit,..) saved and future opportunity
10:05 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Thursday Sustainable Electronics AM

Vice President Emerging Technologies, Edwards

Sustainability at Edwards, making scaling greener from subfab to fab... more info