Slava Libman

CEO, FTD Solutions INC


Dr. Slava Libman is a thought leader, passionately driving innovation in sustainability with over 25 years of experience in water technology. As a Co-Founder and CEO of FTD Solutions, he leads an early-stage company dedicated to helping complex industrial facilities tackle sustainability challenges through the use of advanced digital twins. These tools empower organizations to visualize their data, diagnose issues, and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance.
Under Dr. Libman's leadership, FTD Solutions has assembled a highly skilled team that has collaborated with numerous global corporations to solve countless challenges. Their combined efforts have resulted in savings of hundreds of millions of dollars, risk mitigation, and an impressive water conservation record reaching billions of gallons. Slava's unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and technological advancements positions him as a thought leader in the industry.
Slava champions environmental and operational sustainability in the semiconductors via industry wide activities. He is a co-chair of Environmental Sustainability forum of IRDS, Yield Enhancement forum of IRDS, as well as SEMI Standards Water Reuse Task Force. Slava is a lead moderator of the International UPM Conference driving innovation in semiconductor facilities.


The semiconductor industry is expanding at an unprecedented rate, but with this growth comes an increasingly significant environmental footprint. High energy demand, freshwater withdrawal, greenhouse gases- and waste-related emissions, are some of the challenges faced by the industry. While the past, sustainability performance was associated with general social responsibility and cost-related benefits, it is now becoming a mission-critical component for the industry. The current circumstances of the industry's growth are unprecedented due to the following changes: construction sizes and magnitudes of leading companies' sites are larger than ever before; the complexity of facilities is increasing due to EUV and 3-D technologies; ESG pressure is resulting in the need for even higher complexity of facility systems to support environmental commitments; A constrained supply chain and limited external technical resources pose significant challenges. To tackle the technological problems associated with critical environmental sustainability challenges in the semiconductor industry, Environmental Sustainability group has identified key challenges and potential solutions to address them.
In addition to industry-wide activities, the presentation will feature case studies that showcase the successful implementation of novel approaches and tools developed by FTD Solutions. This company's mission is to enable sustainability by empowering industrial facilities to best manage water, energy, and natural resources. FTD Solutions' web-based Water Management Application (WMA) generates digital twins of industrial water and wastewater systems, streamlining smart water management. The WMA provides a comprehensive visual representation of the complex facility systems, enabling facility operators to enhance water usage efficiency, meet environmental requirements, and cut costs. The impact of FTD projects includes billions of gallons of water conservation, enabling environmental compliance, addressing infrastructure constraints, and solving numerous other problems.
Finally, the presentation will focus on the future of solutions enabling environmental sustainability and the steps necessary to meet extreme challenges not even fully recognized by the industry.

09:45 a.m. - 10:05 a.m.

Thursday Sustainable Electronics AM

CEO, FTD Solutions INC

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