Raphael Frisch

CEO & Co-founder, HawAI.tech


Raphael Frisch holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany) and a double master's degree in computer science from KIT and ENSIMAG (Grenoble, France). He pursued with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the University of Grenoble-Alpes working on designing dedicated computing architectures for probabilistic models. His research project lead to the launch of the startup HawAI.tech - Hardware for AI - with the aim of developing the architectures which will allow to make probabilistic computing competitive and make it the AI models of tomorrow.


AI is an unavoidable future technology that is investing all areas of our society. It is crucial to have total control of our AI algorithms, which is not the case with existing AI models. Many use-cases at the edge are highly critical, such as in the mobility or defense sectors. This requires explainable, valid and certifiable AI in order to have trust in the deployed systems. For these reasons, HawAI.tech focuses on probabilistic AI methods and develops hardware accelerators for promising AI approach.

04:15 p.m. - 04:40 p.m.

Thursday Memory for Edge Computing PM

CEO & Co-founder, HawAI.tech

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