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Book one-to-one business meetings with technology experts

The business meetings at Leti Innovation Days are designed to help you expand your network and your business. Meetings are held either in the Canopy 2 or in the Partners’ Corner, on the exhibition floor.

Our helpdesk will be available during the event to keep your meetings running smoothly if you need any assistance.





When you register for Leti Innovation Days, remember to also register for the business meetings. A month before the event when the business meetings platform opens you will receive an alert.




Request your business meetings

A month before the event, you will be able to request meetings and add an explanation if necessary. You can request additional meetings up until the event. Your schedule will be updated automatically.




Approve or decline meeting requests

You are also likely to receive requests, which you can approve or decline. Don’t forget to check your email for requests so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.





Go to your meetings

During the event, go to the business meetings tent at the time of your scheduled meetings.
Don’t miss out on the chance to book one-to-one business meetings at Leti Innovation Days.