Lucie Le Van Jodin

Research scientist, CEA-Leti

Bio :

Lucie Le Van-Jodin, Ph.D. is a project manager and a team leader for 2D material transfer at CEA-Leti. Lucie started her scientific carrier studying thermoelectricity during her Ph.D research. She worked at CEA from 2003 on carbon nanotubes for chemtronics, developing growth and characterization of this material. She spent more than 10 years in the CEA‚Äôs microbatteries Lab. There, she studied the relationship between the structural and electrical properties of the inorganic electrolyte. In 2018, she joined the film transfer Lab (LIFT). She is working on transfer of various materials as silicon, III-V, piezoelectric, wide gap materials‚Ķ mainly by SmartCut‚ĄĘ technology. Recently, she focused her works on 2D material transfer for microelectronics applications.

Abstract :

Since the discovery of graphene and more generally of 2D materials, numerous studies have demonstrated the potential of these materials that allow a drastic devices size reduction, performances improvement, low power, new properties… That is why they are seen as the ultimate materials for the microelectronics of the future.. Nowadays, they can be found at several levels, in a wide variety of applications such as transistors, sensors, memories, RF switches...
However, the transition from lab to fab remains challenging. The implementation of 200 and 300 mm characterization capability for 2D materials at CEA enables us to work on this transition to industrial processes. Wafer scale growth, transfer such as integration and van der Waals interfaces preservation are intensively studied since they are key points for the successful manufacturing of industrial 2D materials devices.

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Research scientist, CEA-Leti

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