Salim El Kazzi

2D Product Manager, Aixtron

Bio :

Dr. Salim El Kazzi leads the 2D product management at AIXTRON, the leading provider of deposition equipment of the compound semiconductor industry. In 2012, he received his Ph.D. from IEMN-Lille, France, specializing in III-V growth for their integration on Silicon. He then joined imec in Belgium contributing to the CMOS logic program on III-V and 2D deposition working on both research & industrial equipment. In 2019, he pioneered the 2D activities at Applied Material – NUS Advanced Corporate Laboratory, Singapore, where he explored the use low dimensional materials for both FEOL and BEOL applications.

Abstract :

It is becoming obvious that the need of novel materials is a must to pursue the scaling of IC chips. 2D materials are among the most promising and published materials that not only academics are reporting but also high volume manufacturers. One thing is certain is that issues of reproducibility, yield and repeatable performance need to be urgently addressed for 2D materials to reach industry. In short, like every new material, 2D needs to overcome the strict requirements of Si FABs. As a unique provider of 300 mm 2D tools, we will show how AIXTRON is able to mature 300 mm product solutions to offer 2D volume manufacturing for the IC fabs of tomorrow.

09:50 a.m. - 10:10 a.m.

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] New Materials (matin)

2D Product Manager, Aixtron

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