Kalyan Handique

Chief Innovation Officer, CDG, Bio-Rad Laboratories


Dr. Kalyan Handique is one of the most prolific biotech and medical device innovators from Michigan with over 400 world wide patents. He is the founder of two successful healthcare start-ups Handylab and Celsee Inc. He currently serves as the Chief Innovation Officer,CDG at BioRad Laboratories, a leader in global life sciences and clinical diagnostics markets. Kalyan joined BioRad through the successful acquisition of Celsee in April 2020. Celsee focused on developing innovative tehnologies for rare cell and single cell analysis. Before Celsee, Handy was a founder of HandyLab, a molecular diagnostics startup based in Ann Arbor, MI that was sold to Becton Dickinson for $300M+ in late 2009. He serves as an advisor, mentor and board member to many startups and seed funds in the Michigan Biotech Region. Handy holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Abstract :

Microfluidics has been at the core of numerous molecular diagnostic tests developed for the research and clinical markets over the past few decades. This technology has enabled the development of portable integrated instruments that can analyze a few biomarkers, such as DNA, RNA, or proteins. These instruments are now available for use at the point of care. However, analyzing multiple biomarkers simultaneously using technologies such as next-gen sequencing comes with its own set of challenges. Interrogation of hundreds to thousands of biomarkers requires complicated sample preparation steps and is cost-prohibitive to run in decentralized settings. New approaches for further miniaturization of sample prep technologies and advanced manufacturing methods are still needed to harness the true power of molecular diagnostics. Advances in microfluidic technology may be the answer.

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Chief Innovation Officer, CDG, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Trends and challenges in developing microfluidic molecular diagnostics platforms for life sciences and clinical diagnostics... more info