Fabien Chêne

Head of Sustainability Business Europe, Schneider Electric


After finishing his studies - Engineer & Master's Innovation & Technology Management - EM Lyon- Fabien has joined Schneider Electric as a Business Development Manager where he has occupied the role of Director & Principal for Energy & Sustainability services before developing the solutions division of Business.
As the Head of Schneider Sustainability Business Europe, Fabien is at the forefront of advancing the company's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency .
Fabien both crafts and ensures the adequate execution of strategies that aid global companies reduce their environmental impact & achieve their sustainability goals.
Fabien joined Schneider Sustainability Business in 2013 and has occupied diverse roles gaining a well-rounded and thorough understanding of each sector of operations to best lead the business.

Fabien is an expert advisor specializing in climate change strategy & guiding decarbonization efforts, dedicated to assisting Commercial & Industrial client on their path to Energy Efficiency & Electrification .


Minimizing the carbon footprint of the semiconductor industry is a key priority, particularly with scope 3 posing significant challenges. Decarbonizing the entire value chain effectively demands robust partnerships and industry-wide collaboration. Join us in this session to discover how forming the right partnerships can help reduce the carbon footprint of the semiconductor industry as a whole!

03.40 p.m. – 04.10 p.m

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] Electronics & Sustainability​ (après-midi)

Head of Sustainability Business Europe, Schneider Electric

Engaging a supply chain decarbonization program to tackle your scope 3 emissions... more info