Jean-Philippe Fournier

CEO, Spectronite

Bio :

Jean-Philippe is the CEO and Founder of SPECTRONITE, a startup company introducing a new generation of transmission technology for the backbone of mobile networks.
The company introduces a software-powered radio system that allows for super-high-capacity transmission while enabling spectral control and network virtualisation.

Jean-Philippe has 25 years experience in the telecom market and has held the position of Director of Marketing, in charge of mobile operators at Texas Instruments and Head of Multimedia R&D group at Bouygues Telecom, French mobile operator.

Jean-Philippe holds 8 patents and received a degree in Digital Signal Processing from the University of Valenciennes and in a Applied Physics from the University of Le Havre, France.

Abstract :

Traditional transmission techniques have long been able to deliver sufficient capacity for mobile operators to roll-out mobile services.
With the advent of 5G, increased pressure for sustainable networks and the increasing need to share spectrum among multiple applications (mobile RAN, backhaul, WiFi), new techniques are required for the delivery of high-speed services.
This talk details how SPECTRONITE's software powered-architectures helps operator to take up the challenge.

03:15 p.m. - 03:35 p.m.

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] RF & Telecommunications (après-midi)

CEO, Spectronite

High-speed transmission techniques and their impact on mobile network transformation...more info