David Anderson

President, NY CREATES

Bio :

A semiconductor industry veteran of 35 years, NY CREATES President David Anderson provides strategic leadership to grow and achieve the organization’s mission of fostering innovation that leads to job creation in New York State. He oversees a program portfolio consisting of 10 sites throughout the state, with expenditures exceeding $350 million annually from industry and state partners, and federal government research and economic development programs.

Previously, David was President of SEMI Americas, leading SEMI’s programs and visibility in the Americas. Before that, he founded and was President and CEO of Novati Technologies, Inc., with the world’s largest portfolio of product development materials. He has held executive positions for development foundries ATDF and SVTC Technologies, and leadership positions at Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, the Semiconducto Industry Suppliers Association, and SEMATECH.

David has extensive experience in technology development, process engineering, operations management, supply chain management, international marketing, government relations, and strategy.

Abstract :

This presentation details semiconductor R&D centers as key drivers for stimulating innovation and enhancing chip manufacturing capabilities while bolstering the global semiconductor industry. It will highlight the many unprecedented opportunities for accelerating semiconductor R&D and cultivating a robust ecosystem. Additionally, this presentation showcases the pivotal role of semiconductor R&D centers in harnessing collaborative research efforts, fostering public-private partnerships, and nurturing talent. It will highlight the positive impact of semiconductor R&D centers on industry growth, job creation, and national security. Attendees will gain insights into the innovative research initiatives, cross-sector collaborations, and technology roadmaps that these centers facilitate, and how CHIPS Acts will help to propel the innovations necessary for the future of the semiconductor industry.

11:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] Plenary Session (matin)

President, NY CREATES

Semiconductor R&D Centers: Catalysts for Innovation, Industry Growth, and National Security...more info