Darius Bunandar

Chief Scientist, Lightmatter


Darius Bunandar is a co-founder and the Chief Scientist at Lightmatter, where his team is leading the evolution of computing, reducing its impact on our planet, and enabling the next great leaps in human progress through silicon photonics. Prior to founding Lightmatter, he obtained his PhD in physics at MIT studying quantum computation and communication using compact nanophotonic circuits. He previously earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in both Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.


Lightmatter is combining electronics, photonics, and new algorithms to create the next-generation AI/ML supercomputers. In this talk, I will introduce one of our products: Passage. Passage is a wafer-scale programmable photonic interconnect that uses silicon waveguides to enable heterogeneous chiplets to communicate with unprecedented bandwidth.

10:45 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] 3D Heterogeneous Integration (matin)

Chief Scientist, Lightmatter

Passage: a wafer-scale, programmable photonic interconnect... more info