Vincent Destefanis

Optical Sensors Industrial Partnerships Manager, CEA-Leti


Vincent Destefanis received a Master’s and a Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science in 2009. During his PhD, Vincent worked for STMicroelectronics on advanced epitaxial techniques for SiGe alloys grown on alternative Si substrates, this for advanced CMOS devices.

He then worked in the US as a CEA-Leti assignee at IBM, NY, working on sub-22 nm CMOS technologies. Vincent has been working in the photonics industry since 2010, first as a R&D Engineer, then as a technical expert on infrared imaging manufacturing technologies for SOFRADIR. He moved to a project and partnership manager position at LYNRED in 2020. During in career, Vincent was involved in several national, industrial and collaborative projects (H2020, Horizon Europe, CNES, IPCEIs…) as a technical expert and a project manager.

He recently joined the CEA-Leti in 2023 and is now dedicated to developing new partnerships and business opportunities in optical and photonics technologies, especially for sensing applications.

Program Photonics

Optical Sensors Partnerships Manager, CEA-Leti

Towards ultra-miniature photonic sensors: from niche to mainstream