Nadine Allemand

PhD, Deputy Director, CITEPA


Nadine Allemand is deputy director of Citepa since 2011. After a university degree in atmospheric sciences and a PhD in analytical chemistry, she joined Citepa in 1986. She has extensive experience in air pollution and climate issues and policies and measures to reduce emissions, including improving air quality and mitigating climate change. Among other tasks, she leads the technical-scientific secretariat of the "Task Force on Techno-Economic Issues (TFTEI)" of the Air Convention (CLRTAP) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and participates in numerous works within the framework of this Air Convention. She has been responsible of a large number of technical assistance projects such as for the French Ministry for an Ecological Transition for the development of the national strategy to reduce air pollutant emissions (PREPA), or for international projects for different countries such as Serbia and Turkey to help these two countries to develop their plans to combat air pollution

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PhD, Deputy Director, CITEPA

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