Enrico Alessi

R&D Manager, STMicroelectronics

Bio :

After graduating from the University of Catania (Italy) in 1997 with a degree in Electronics Engineering, Enrico's professional career started with IBM and Wind Telecommunications working on ICT and telecommunication standards. In 2000 he joined ST to work on sensors for smart applications and later in the medical segment as R&D Manager and led a strategic project focused on human DNA analysis. During this time, he worked on building semiconductor chips and hybrid silicon-plastic devices, hardware, software and instrumentation for In Vitro Diagnostics, maturing experience in design for manufacturing, technical standards and medical certifications. Today, Enrico is contributing ST to develop the next wave of devices for vital signs monitoring. Focusing on both integrated and system-in-package solutions, he and his team are working on developing devices and methods, platforms and solutions for monitoring vital signs and human physiological parameters for transversal applications from medical field to mobile phones and wearable devices for virtual and augmented reality. Enrico holds a second degree in Computer Science at the University of Catania in 2006.

Abstract :

Vital signs monitoring (VSM) technologies are of great benefit for human life since they can predict heart failures, organs and tissues malfunctions, and metabolic pathways disorders. They represent a convergence of technological advances in materials science, sensors, biosensors, electronics, microfluidic, and artificial intelligence. In this context ST is developing next wave of devices for VSM focusing on integrated and system-in-package solutions, modules and platforms for monitoring physiological parameters targeting transversal applications from medical to consumer fields.

02:55 p.m. - 03:15 p.m.

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] Tech For Health (après-midi)

R&D Manager, STMicroelectronics

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