Emilie Bourjot

Project Manager in 3D & BEOL Integration, CEA-Leti


Emilie Bourjot is Project Manager and responsible of hybrid bonding integration team in 3D & packaging laboratory at CEA-Leti since 2018. Her current activities involve developing advanced hybrid bonding schemes for 3D integration in wafer to wafer and die to wafer approaches. Prior to joining CEA-Leti, she worked within Microelectronics foundries and R&D centers on the development of advanced FDSOI technologies and sub-3nm nodes. Her area of expertise includes contact, BEOL and hybrid bonding integration.

Abstract :

Due to the increasing costs of advanced nodes and the difficulties of shrinking analog and circuit input-output signals (IOs), alternatives to single die architectures are becoming mainstream. Scalable modular architectures and function partitioning paves the way for new system approaches using 3D technologies. 3D interconnects offers a breakthrough in terms of density, bandwidth, and limit overall power consumption. CEA-Leti’s advanced heterogeneous packaging research leverages expertise in 3D integration by means of Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Hybrid Bonding (HB) technologies developments since more than 15 years. This presentation will exposed the synergy of these key enablers through two meaningful examples for edge IA sensors and HPC applications.


10:35 a.m. - 10:50 a.m.

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] 3D Heterogeneous Integration (matin)

Project Manager in 3D & BEOL Integration, CEA-Leti

Through-silicon via and hybrid bonding synergy for new 3D systems enablers... more info