Cyril Herrier

Manager R&D, Aryballe

Bio :

Cyril obtained his PhD in Materials Chemistry in 2011. During 8 years of academic research (IS2M Mulhouse, ISCR Rennes, IM2NP Marseille, CEA Grenoble), he acquired a strong expertise in structuration, functionalization, and characterization of surfaces at nanometer scale for applications in microbiotechnologies. He joined Aryballe in 2015 as the first research engineer. He is co-author of 19 international papers and co-inventor of 11 patents families.

Abstract :

Mimicking artificially the sense of smell is a technical and intellectual challenge that drives innovative applications development at Aryballe.
In collaboration with the CEA-Grenoble, Aryballe has developed a selective VOC sensor capable of real-time detection and identification. This breakthrough technology enables the generation of large datasets, which can be analyzed using either simple algorithms or more sophisticated machine learning models.
Solutions embedding this type of versatile gas sensor can adress large spectrum of markets, from environment monitoring to consumer domotic. It stimulate also a lot of expectations for Health and Wellness market.

03:15 p.m. - 03:35 p.m.

Thursday [24][LID-WORLD] Sense & Act (après-midi)

Manager R&D, Aryballe

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