Charlène Descollonges

Engineer & Hydrologist, Entrepreneur

Bio :

She graduated from a double Master's and Engineering degree and currently works as an independent consultant, author and speaker committed to water protection.
She co-founded “Pour une Hydrologie Régenerative” ("For a regenerative hydrology"), an NGO which aims to restore the water cycle within territories in order to improve their resilience to droughts, floods and erosion.
Her first book “L’Eau - Fake or Not", has gained great success since its launch in may 2023 and helps to better understand the global issues related to water. This book has led to the creation of an expert masterclass on the Sator online platform, as well as two TEDx talks and many conferences across France.

Abstract :

Humans have appropriated water to operate his economic system, to such an extent that we have crossed the planetary limits. It is urgent to change our outlook on freshwater. Water management must become collective and democratic. Otherwise it will increase conflicts of use between humans, or even water wars.
To design desirable futures around water, we must approach the issue from another angle and thus avoid the risks of maladaptation. What if we regenerate the water cycle ?

09:50 a.m. – 10:35 a.m.

Wednesday [24][LID-WORLD] Electronics & Sustainability​ (matin)

Engineer & Hydrologist, Entrepreneur

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