Ilya Zabelinsky

Co-Founder, ISRL

Bio :

Ilya Zabelinsky is a globally recognized Technical Leader with over 25 years of experience in vacuum and gas abatement applications for Semiconductor manufacturing.
Ilya joined Intel in 1996 and developed his career as operational and engineering leader in SubFAB domain supporting Intel's manufacturing technology transitions and capacity expansion projects in Israel and worldwide. In 2022 Ilya retired from Intel on a mission to “bring the Science to SubFAB” through focused R&D of process materials handling downstream from process chambers. Today Ilya is a co-founder of International SubFAB Research Labs (ISRL). Ilya holds a B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from SCE, Israel.

Abstract :

The Semiconductor Industry’s desire for sustainable manufacturing has many challenges associated with process materials handling downstream from process chambers.
We need to bring science to SubFAB. Connect most advanced research teams worldwide to fundamental problems and provide equipment manufacturers and their customers with scientific knowledge and technical infrastructure that will enable development of breakthrough technologies, encourage collaboration and speed up the innovation cadence.