Arcamone Julien

Reasarch Director, CEA-Leti Minatec Campus


Shikha Anand, MD, MPH is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Withings, a consumer electronics company dedicated to at-home health improvement. In this role, Shikha leads Withings' health strategy, overseeing research and regulatory processes and developing solutions for medical professionals, as well as leading direct to consumer health services. Dr. Anand has over 15 years of experience developing innovations and systems that improve health. Her leadership experience includes clinical administration, public health, research, quality improvement, and clinical informatics. Before joining Withings, Doctor Anand served as the Chief Medical Officer at Well, a personalized guide and consumer health platform. She also led health innovation initiatives at Federally Qualified Health Centers, Aetna/ CVS, with state and federal agencies, and Walmart’s Care Clinics. Shikha is a practicing physician who is board certified in pediatrics and clinical informatics.


Through the pandemic, at-home and on-person monitoring of health has surged.  Widespread adoption has led to improvements in technology, including new ways to assess the progression of chronic conditions.  New biomarkers and home technologies can promote better monitoring of conditions, as well as early signals of new disease.   In this presentation, we will discuss innovations in chronic conditions that increase cardiovascular risk.  We will review some of the forthcoming technology in each condition, and review real-world data where it exists.  We will also discuss the place of these biomarkers in clinical diagnosis and monitoring of chronic conditions, and their implications for future management guidelines.